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Get Well Nouri ! #StayStrongAppie MoroccoMaroc.com #Morocco #Maroc
Download App called: BERGAG and join Nouri Channel at: chat.bergag.com/channel/Nouri_Get_Well

To All Netherlands people ! From Moroccans in USA :

We have put together a Youtube video which you can visit at: https://youtu.be/kh9hNZPd9aQ
Not only to wish our Brother Nouri a speedy recovery soon inshaAllah, but also to say THANK YOU Netherlands ! The words alone can not explained how much I was so moved to the point I had tears in my eyes. I was on the edge of my chair watching the DUTCH FOLKS giving the TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & SUPPORT to our brother Nouri who is so dear to our heart.

On behalf of our members and friends in USA & abroad, please accept our sincere Thanks to all DUTCH people out there.. I never seen anything like this during my entire 30yrs in USA. You people are the most humble and kindest on this planet, PERIOD !

I am hoping to visit Netherlands one day to meet you in person and say THANK YOU ! Oh, while I am there, I would love to get a HUG too :-)

Please pray with us.. May God help our Brother Nouri and give him strength to recover soon so we can watch him playing Soccer again..

And may God Bless Netherlands and all the Dutch people..

With so much Love !
MoroccoMaroc.com Team
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17.07.2017 (708 days ago)
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